Thankyou and goodbye!

Today 4 amazing years will come to an end: I am leaving HuffPostDE and a great team. I am so grateful for everything I was able to learn, for all the interesting people I could meet, for being part of this ever interesting HuffPost mission – and to make so many freinds all over the world. Thank you all for being sparring partners, critics, supporter and friends, Arianna Huffington, Lydia Polgreen, Louise Roug Bokkenheuser, Cherno Jobatey, Dr. Hubert Burda, Stefan Winners, Oliver Eckert, Daniel Steil, Andreas Laube, Jürgen Schlott, Benjamin Reuter, Lea Kosch, Jan David Sutthoff, Tobias Böhnke & the HuffPostDE whole Team! Goodbye and let’s stay in touch.

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